Commitments inside the bottle

Our formulas are developed according to a very precise and binding chart that goes well beyond the organic cosmetics certification criteria.

Therefore, our formulas are always :

Schéma d'un flacon Toofruit et de sa contenance.

*average on Crème Gourmande and Crème Tendre

  • without essential oils
  • without ingredients that could cause an endocrine disruption
  • without alcohol
  • without silicone
  • without paraben
  • without phenoxyethanol
  • without PEG
  • without nanoparticules
  • without palm oil
  • without sulfates
  • without artificial colorants
  • without allergens

On the other hand, our formulas are based on :

  • Fruits
  • The Filmo-Protect Complex  derived from fruits
  • Natural perfume without allergen
  • PLEASURE : kids should apply the cosmetics regularly to get all the benefits, to do so, they must feel pleasure each time they apply them.

We have focused the formulation of our products on having a nice texture, with natural perfumes and flavours. All our products are tested under dermatological control.

At last, we gained the Organic Certification on each one of our products.