A major discovery

A high-quality partnership

TOOFRUIT has a partnership with Besançon University Hospital and with Skinexigence to complete the knowledge about kids skin between the age of 7-12. It is the first time a research in this field takes place. The goal is to set up a fundamental knowledge base about the physicochemical composition of kids’s skin.

Kids’s skin properties

« For years, we have studied the differences between the adult’s and children’s skin to find what was missing to protect the children’s skin. Today we know that children, as well as old people, have their own physiology. The study we did in partnership with TOOFRUIT was the first one to explore children’s skin. Allowing us to explore children’s physiology, to build a pedestal of knowledge, to benefit the cosmetic care for children’s skin.»

Pr. Philippe HUMBERTChef du service Dermatologie CHU Besançon, Directeur du Laboratoire de Biologie cutanée – Université de Franche-Comté


First exploratory study on children’s skin aged from 7-12 (48 children)

Visage d'une jeune fille souriante
Kid’s skin is completely different from adult’s skin. Their lipid index (the lower it is, the dryer the skin gets) is 10 times lower than adult’s. Kids hydration is 28% lower compared to an adult and the hygroscopic level (the higher it is, the more hydration gets lost) is 87% higher. For the first time, we measured kid’s skin between the age of 7 and 12. Their skin is very dry, very dehydrated : their protective barrier is weak since their skin easily looses its hydration.