Proven and measured results

We performed a clinical study in the University Hospital in Besançon with the Dermatology Department.
This clinical study is a great innovation. Thanks to the agreement of the Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé, the study could be realised on kids’ skin. Until now, almost all the products were tested on adult skins, though we proved that their skin is very different compared to kids’ skin.. Of course, these tests are very effective and do not represent any danger for kids. Thanks to the tests efficiency, we could test the effects of our products directly on kids’ skin.

TOOFRUIT acts as a protective shield

1st clinical study on 48 children between the age of 7-12

7 days after applying Crème Gourmande, the kid’s skin is protected :

+29.8% hydration : the skin is well hydrated.

-29.6% hygroscopicity : the skin looses less water.

+70,6% nutrition (lipid index) : the skin is no longer dry.

For the first time, we proved exceptional results on kid’s skin.