The Filmo-Protect Complex

At the heart of each TOOFRUIT formula is the Filmo-Protect Complex. This unique complex, about to be patented, is made of 3 fruits (Olive, Coconut and Raspberry). It mimics the role of sebum, but gets its unique constitution from natural vegetal elements derived from fruits.

Each fruit extract was carefully chosen for its composition. When associated, these extracts form the Filmo-Protect Complex, a real vegetal sebum.

It creates a scientifically-proven protective layer.

Kids’s skin is hydrated, and its protective function reinforced. The skin gets a shield to protect itself from outside aggressions.

Test results



100% vegetal Complex (Raspberry/ Olive/ Coconut) inspired by sebum’s composition, to hydrate skin and protect it from dryness.

Tested on human skin samples.

+47% protection : After applying the Filmo-Protect Complex cream (pink curve) the protection measured by the sebum-meter increases compared to the application of a cream without Filmo-Protect Complex (in green).

The effect lasts more than 24 hours !

The power and efficiency of fruits

Orange MyrtillesWe are convinced that the best ingredients come from nature.

At the origin of each plant and tree is a fruit, the nutritive reservoir of the seed. The fruit keeps a rich amount of nutrients, repairers and sanitizers, that turn our products efficient on the skin.

We use the nutritive elements in the fruits to allow the kids’s skin to regenerate their natural defenses.