The Toofruit Academy

What is it ?

At the age when children are still receptive, it is important to teach them good hygiene and care reflexes that they will then keep their whole life. However, a child does not have the same desires or needs than an adult.

The Toofruit Academy is a fun workshop, that was created in aim of educating children to hygiene and care while discovering the benefits of Toofruit products. These workshops target 6 to 12 year-old children and are realized in some of our partner institutes and spas, throughout France and in our partner organic stores!

Two workshops are available :

What is hygiene ?
How to have a good hygiene ?

What is skin ?
How to take care of it ?

Discover the Toofruit Academy in video :

How to know if my institute, spa or organic store offers the Toofruit Academy ?

We invite you to contact them or to consult the list of stores offering the Toofruit academy and ask if a Toofruit academy will take place soon.

How to sign up my child to the Toofruit Academy ?

After consulting the list of stores offering the Toofruit Academy, you will directly be able to sign up your child through a form at the place you chose or to contact them by phone.
You will then be recontacted to confirm your child’s coming.

How long lasts a Toofruit Academy ?

The lengh of a workshop depends of the store but in general it last 1 hour. It can sometimes be accompanied by a little snack at the end.