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Certified organic products

Toofruit has chosen to certify its organic products by the Ecocert organisation since its creation, because it is a guarantee of quality and respect for the planet.

Certified organic cosmetics are based on 3 key values :

  • A large quantity of ingredients of natural origin (more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin at Toofruit compared to 95% required by organic labels),
  • Respect for the environment,
  • Strong ethical and social values.

Thus, organic certification does not stop at the quality of cosmetic formulas, but takes into account the entire life cycle of the product:

  • Origin of raw materials, to encourage ethical and sustainable sourcing,
  • Gentle and non-polluting manufacturing process,
  • Choice of recyclable or eco-responsible packaging,
  • Transparent labelling and responsible communication …

(Source : Cosmébio)

Products made in France

Toofruit has chosen to manufacture its products in France in order to have a local production, to limit the impact of transport and to promote the local economy. Moreover, France is renowned for its cosmetic know-how, and the strict French standards give a guarantee of quality to our products.  

Eco-responsible formats

At Toofruit, we are committed to having a reduced ecological footprint, and have been since our creation in 2011. Today, to go further, we have created 2 eco-refills for our hygiene products.

They generate 80% less plastic than our 400ml pump bottles.

They reduce the impact of transport because they are lighter (reduced fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.)

They are made of 100% flexible polyethylene and without a cap, so they can be recycled in France thanks to the new sorting instructions!

Eco-responsible packages

We have invested in a cardboard shredder to turn our warehouse waste into cushioning material for packages!

The goods received in our warehouse are stored in recyclable cardboard boxes. Instead of throwing them away, we give them a second life with the cardboard shredder: the cardboard is cut to make it more flexible. During the preparation of the parcels, we use this cardboard to wrap and cushion the products. When you receive your parcel at home, you can throw this packaging material into your recycling bin for recycling.

Thanks to this, we have gone from one 12 m3 bin per month to one 2m3 bin per month!

Products without over-packaging

Toofruit has chosen to limit the amount of product packaging as much as possible. Thus, our products are sold “naked”, without over-packaging.

It is true that it is difficult to fit all the essential information on the product’s primary packaging (tube, bottle, etc.) but the planet thanks us!

Recyclable packaging 

Almost all of our packaging is made of plastic. We are well aware of the disadvantages of plastic in terms of ecology, but it does have many advantages in cosmetics:

  • Resistance: humidity, heat, deformation…
  • Easier and safer storage: plastic is a light material (light means less fuel consumption for transport and therefore less pollution in the atmosphere!) It is also a reliable material that limits leaks.
  • Protect the cosmetic formula from the external environment: oxygen in the air is an oxidant that can alter certain raw materials and modify the organoleptic properties of the product (colour, smell)
  • To protect consumers from any microbial contamination: for the safety of consumers, bacteria must not develop in the formula during use.

To limit the environmental impact of our packaging, we choose recyclable materials whenever possible. In France, PET and PE recycling channels are well developed. Some municipalities also recycle PP, which will be the case throughout France by 2022.

The alternatives we are exploring :

  • Use recycled plastic: this reduces waste as it is reused to create new packaging
  • Use biobased plastic: the plastic is the same (so the waste is the same) but the source of manufacture is different. Often it is sugarcane waste.
  • Create products without packaging: the best way not to pollute is not to generate waste!  This is the case for cosmetic products in solid form, for example. They can be sold in bulk or in cardboard boxes.
  • The transition to new packaging is quite long, but we have been working for several months on new ways of doing things ?

Our daily life in the office

  • Selective sorting: as our offices are based in Boulogne Billancourt where sorting instructions are extended, we recycle paper, plastic (including yoghurt pots and plastic bags!) and glass.
  • Zero waste coffee: we have replaced the capsule coffee maker with a piston coffee maker. This is a 100% zero waste tip and the coffee still tastes great (the coffee grounds are used to maintain the pipes or as fertiliser for the plants).
  • Printing in black and white, on scrap paper.
  • A water filter on the tap and water bottles: so no one uses plastic bottles.
  • Home-cooked meals so as not to multiply the waste from take-away food.
  • Favouring journeys by bicycle or public transport.These simple gestures on a large scale can have a significant impact on the planet!


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