Commitments outside the bottle


Instead of choosing an outer box, or a recyclable one, we chose not to use any at all. So, our products are naked, without outer box to avoid wasting cardboard.

Bottles better than jar: around the world, almost all face care products are sold in jar. This is a heresy! Using a pot forces you to put your finger directly into the cream. Consequently, large quantities of conservatives need to be added to avoid contamination. We chose not to put our products in jars to keep the level of conservatives to a minimum.

«Airless» bottles. Unlike classic bottles, ours do not let air inside after each squeeze. Without air, bacterias cannot proliferate, and that is why our formulas do not need quantity of conservatives.

We did not perform, subsidize or accept any animal testing during the cosmetics fabrication nor for the ingredients that constitute it.

All TOOFRUIT products are ecologic, natural and organic certified by Ecocert France according to Ecocert Greenlife repository available at :


We believe a sound education for kids can help them choose the right cosmetics and teach them how to use them correctly.

We encourage clear readability of labels, so kids become informed-users and make their own choices accordingly.

TOOFRUIT's commitments outside the bottle


We chose to create quality skin care products good for kids’ skin, for the future of their skin, and good for the environment.