TOOFRUIT, what is it ?

The first Dermatological and organic hygiene and skincare brand dedicated to kids!

Dedicated to kids but why ?

Observing a lack of hygiene and care products on the market dedicated to children, Katell Perrot and Stephane Lafond, two old colleagues of L’Oreal, united them in 2010 to create TOOFRUIT. The experience of a mother and the expertise of a scientist, enabled to create organic, colorful and fruity products, adapted to children’s sensitive skin.

A major scientific disc

After a scientific study in collaboration with the Professor Humbert of The Besançon university hospital, we found a difference between adults and children’s skin. Indeed, children’s skin has a poor-quality hydrolipidic film because, unlike adults, children do not secrete sebum. As a result, their skin is not protected and is ten times drier than that of an adult !

However, the hydrolipidic film has a very important role for the skin as it allows hydration of its surface while maintaining a deep hydration. It also helps to protect the skin against friction and maintain a balance of its flora.

Innovation at the heart of our formulas: the Filmo-Protect Complex

In order to overcome this problem, still in collaboration with Besançon University Hospital, we managed to create a Filmo-Protect Complex inspired by the sebum’s composition. A 100% plant-based complex made from raspberry, coconut and olive oils. Twelve hours after its application, it gives up to 47,5% of extra-protection to children’s skin.

Thanks to this complex contained in most of our products, children’s skin is hydrated, nourished and protected. Consequently, dehydration is limited, the barrier function is enhanced!

Childhood, the age of learning

At the age where children are still receptive, it is important to teach them good reflexes concerning hygiene and care that they will then keep during their whole life.

But children don’t have the same desires as adults. Therefore we decided to create products with yummy formulas developed with natural fruit waters and fragrances (because fruits are health!). With fun textures and scents to help them learn good reflexes.

With Toofruit, the time in bathroom won’t be a chore anymore ! So children enjoy using our products daily.